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rome is way too hot

So I left London on wednesday, midday. I was sad to leave, it's really nice and shopping is a pleasure (though really, really expensive). We had plans to go to rome, so after a hassle and a half to buy train tickets, we went to Paris, where I immediately fell in love, and then after a few hours of unsuccessful translation and more hassle, we bought overnight tickets for a train that went to Rome.

So after spending about 16 hours traveling, I'm in Rome now. Those euro trains were AMAZING. Well, not really, we shared a tiny, tight cabin with bunkbeds with a sri lankan who didn't wear any deodorant and reeked our entire cabin the entire night. But the cabin things were neat, and the availability of food in an all-food cabin. And different languages spoken all around me. Teh awesome!!

Rome is just as beautiful as it was 6 (high school was so long ago) years ago when I last went. Though now I walked and did more sightseeing and took more pictures than evar. My legs are almost worn out and tomorrow we're going to Pompeii... I need to go shopping already. At least the euro is slightly better than the pound.

I have limited time in the cafe, thus I must go for now.
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