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mind the gap

London is fab. Quite glorious.

I've been here 24 hours and I'm just getting adjusted to the tube, the opposite direction of traffic, and the coinage. It's complicated!! In the tube I was walking for a while against human traffic and it took me 5 seconds to realize the fact. Teehee.

I went to the touristy spot with my mom and her boyfriend yesterday, did the eye of london, walked around, saw westminster, etc etc. It was really nice.

Soho is huge and fab. There's some park near here and supposedly some bars. I'm not carrying a map with me; I'll just stroll wherever. I wanted to go shopping but I was told that France was better for my size, apparently. And the euro exchange is slightly better.

That's all for now from this wonderful £1/hour internet cafe. Someone is asking repeatedly in an obvious American accent "Where's the 'at' key???" lolz.
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