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<3 sainte catherine

I love montréal.

I've done alot of walking around, talked and made friends with locals and foreigners, gone on random outings, clubbing, tried having small conversations in french... it's amazing. Montréal (and Quebec, I think, or Canada pretty much) is like a paradise. I love this way of living... it's bilingual (sort of, it's alot more French than English), so much diversity, people here are alot more laid back on alot of things than the states, the university and music scene is amazing, the city is big enough, big gay scene, lots of countryside near by, the people are quite nice, legal age is 18, the politics...

That's pretty much what I gathered in three days. I'd probably need more time, like a month or three to fully judge, but I got an excellent first impression. Also, I've only stuck around downtown.

I return to miami tomorrow night (monday)....... to start a class on wednesday and hopefully starting the internship if they hire me. And seeing how living in downtown goes. Exciting, exciting.
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