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green day

Happy 4/20 everyone.

My friday will be especially busy. I have class from 9-12 and then 1:25-4 pm, including a performance with my jazz string quartet. Then, I have an interview at 4:30 pm for the national gay and lesbian task force internship (yay!!). And then after that I'm not sure, but there are some things planned. It's my mom's birthday as well, but her boyfriend will be in surgery the same day. So I have no idea what's going on. What a big day! She's turning 50... that's crazy.

Steve Reich was on campus yesterday and today... I attended one of his lectures and his concert, which was absolutely amazing. I love him. I have to write a paper on him for my 20th century techniques class, which is very appropriate, considering we're studying him now. Timing is so great sometimes.

Montreal is 3 weeks away! And I want to go to lollapalooza in chicago in august soooooo bad. I might go. Daft Punk is playing along with like 100 other bands. Amazing. My bank account is screwed.

'Tis all, happy friday.
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