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"gurl, you can get a ride home, can't you?"

Yay for margaret cho.

So. These past 2 or 3 weeks have been a blur of work, music, play, wishing I was in france, wishing I was somewhere else in general, and midterms. I've only gone home once, for a couple of hours, which is insane, because home is like 12 miles away. Hopefully I raped the biology test this morning, which was my last midterm, so I can finally breathe. I still have a bunch of little shit to do, but once that's done, and it's 6:15 post meridiem, I am screaming and ready to party.
First of all, there's no school tomorrow. That really means something to me because my fridays consist of classes from 9-4:30 pm with one hour break.
Second, patrick is here for the weekend, so tonight will be fabulous.
Third, eric invited me to go to halloween horror nights with him tomorrow, so I bought a cheap ticket, thus I will be in central florida tomorrow! We're stopping by UF to pick up some kids, then spending the night in orlando, then spending the next night in gainesville. True!!
So if you're in central florida, holla at your boy, perhaps we can have un petit rendez-vous.

I'm really happy to be getting out of fucking miami for a few days. And my mom told me that she might go skiing during thanksgiving break. It's not set yet, but hopefully I can go with her.
Speaking of traveling, I still need to get my passport, probably expedited, since I can't risk not having it by the time I go to colombia in december.
Sigh. I need to make friends/lovers with flight attendants or pilots.

My spanish is vastly improving. I've been talking to a peruvian boy almost every night online via skype, and in as little as 2 weeks, I can speak clearer and faster. Hopefully by the time I go to colombia I won't be such a gringo, like last time.
And my french, well, that's going at a moderate rate. I haven't been talking to francophones lately, or watched french movies, but I think I'll buy some children's books.

Okay, back to reality, two assignments due today.
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