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Check this guitar trio out. Vivaldi's double violin concerto on 3 guitars. Pretty hott.

Umm... I'm alive, yes. School is busy, most of the time. Blah. Classes. Meetings. Whatever.

I've decided that I really, really want to go to france (more specifically, paris) as an exchange student sometime in the next two years. I've been wanting to study abroad since freshman year; my first idea was spain, but that fell through. I've consulted the study abroad department, and I got most of my questions answered. If everything goes right, I would study in spring 2008, which is my last semester, though I would walk for graduation fall 2007, since the semester in france is from february to june. And I'd have to get a french minor. I have to talk to music deans and advisors to make sure that I can. Hopefully it will work out.

I haven't gotten another bar job as of yet, but I'm not looking currently. Ozone contacted me but they only have wednesday and sunday nights available for me, which are terrible nights for me, obviously. But my psychology department job is doing just fine.

Hmm. Not much else to say at the moment. Except my air conditioning needs to stop being a bitch and stop leaking. And I'm getting sick of the freaking loud female basketball players on my floor. I need sleep, crankiness is emerging.
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