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omg shopping

At first I was not excited at all about my room for this coming year. But as the time gets closer for move in, and the longer I stay at home, I can't wait any longer. And I've recently procured some things, such as this and some drapes. And I've decided that I want my cubby hole of a room to be really awesome, in a sort of simple way. So, I'm making a small, but growing shopping list:
- rope lights
- speakers (I've decided that mine suck hard)
- other, miscellaneous lights (I hate ceiling lights with a deep passion)
- coffee maker
- sound panels

I've decided not to bring my desktop or a tv, and I'm not bringing my fridge, for there will be one much bigger than mine in the room. I will have to bring glassware and such, and buy a wide variety of beverages.
I'm going to orlando in a week and a half for a few days with some family from the father's side. Talk about a chongo vacation. But I've decided to accept my dad's invitation, only because my cousin is going as well. I'll be going up there in his car, but I'm flying down back to miami because theyre leaving a few days after I have to move in.
I'm going, after I shower, with matt and friends to the grove and enjoy a bottle of dom perignon, courtesy of matt. Very random thing to do on a sunday night, but very, very nice. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to work tomorrow morning.
Work is fine. I get to steal some things from there, such as empty bottles of expensive liquor, window curtains, end tables, and neon signs that would be great in my room. So I got excited. And for the bottles... it's pretty cheesy and really college-y, but whatever. :)
I hope my roommate is at least decent. It won't matter too much, as our rooms will be divided by a long wall and a curtain.
Umm... yeah. This entry was mostly for me. I must shower now.
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