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I'm the one who's tattoed on his arm

I love kelis. She brings the boys to the yard. Love love love.

So many birthdays around this time, so I'll just say once, happy birthday to all the cancers! My pisces ass loves you all.

It has been a very busy two weeks. I started summer B at FIU, and went through an intensive two weeks at bartending school. I learned about 80 drink recipes, names of brands of different liquors, the difference between whiskey and scotch, how to rim a cocktail glass with salt, among other things. I just need to learn how to juggle. The school had us practice with colored water, so I have no idea what all the drinks I made taste like. But matt and alan let me mix real substances in their kitchens, and I have determined that I really like hypnotiq and mountain dew (with a dash of cognac ;]) and things with melon. And the mudslide. mmmmmmm. Next, I'm experimenting with the blender. Good thing matt trusts me. :D

I'm looking for a job, now that I'm unofficially a bartender. We'll see how this job placement thing at my bartending school goes; in the mean time, I'm roaming around the sunset place area hoping for an establishment to train me, an unexperienced bartender. I'm concentrating around the UM area, ideally, since I wouldn't have a car during the year. So far, JJ's diner didn't look very appealing, but I applied there anyway.

At last, I'm flying to LaGuardia on wednesday. It's been too long, New York City.
I might travel again the week before school starts, the only week that I'm off. I'm thinking about a place where I can frolic around and think about nothing and be crazy around nice kids. Maybe Lexington Park, Maryland. I've been thinking about this.
It's sunday night, which means homework owns me.
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